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Revisiting the American Story

The free flow of skilled human capital was identified as a top priority at an Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) senior officials innovation meeting I led in Medan, Indonesia, this past weekend. The approval therefore by the U.S. Senate last Thursday of its version of immigration reform legislation was met with keen interest. Why is this legislation so important for the United States?

on July 01, 2013
The Immigrant Exodus Book Available for Free Download

The Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship is pleased to share a free electronic copy of Vivek Wadhwa’s ebook, The Immigrant Exodus: Why America Is Losing the Global Race to Capture Entrepreneurial Talent. Wadhwa is an entrepreneur and academic who was been on the front lines of the immigration debate for the past few years and the book is a 2012 Economist Book of the Year.

on July 01, 2013
Category:  Global  Immigration 
Are We on the Verge of an Exodus of Immigrant Entrepreneurs?

The debate has been raging for a while now concerning immigrant entrepreneurs and what could or should be done to keep them--and the jobs they create through their startups--in the U.S. Startup visas and other policies to make it easier for them to stay and start new firms have been a part of numerous pieces of legislation on Capitol Hill.

on October 08, 2012
Category:  Immigration 
Start-Up Chile’s Global Footprint

As part of our ongoing discussion about the globalization of the startup movement, we look today at one nation’s strategy that appears to be very effective. Present at the recently concluded Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Liverpool were the leaders of Start-Up Chile, an almost two-year old initiative that has rapidly gained traction around the world. However, while it carries a similar name to other national initiatives around the globe, it has a very different approach.

on April 16, 2012
Category:  Global 
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