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Attacking the Recession with Innovation

on December 15, 2008 Source: Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship

Britain’s National Endowment for Science, Technology, and the Arts (NESTA) continue to produce excellent studies that provide a 360° wide-angle view on the role of innovation in modern society. Their latest report, plus an accompanying blog, tackles the tough issue of how innovation can help drive recession recovery efforts. When it comes to tackling the recession via innovation, it’s time for “all hands on deck.” On its own, the private sector cannot be the sole driver of new innovations. Instead, innovations in all sectors—such as new approaches to providing public services, and new investments in worker “upskilling”—will be required. In addition, these efforts cannot operate in the traditional top-down manner. They must be built around regional networks that build collaboration among key players, while also reaching out globally to connect to new sources of knowledge and market opportunity.

Learn more about National Endowment for Science, Technology, and the Arts research on "Attacking the Recession."

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