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Will We See a Revolution in Energy Technology?
Today the world celebrates Earth Day. This year, advocates of policies to contain climate change probably see hope in the increased federal funding for energy R&D coming from the stimulus bill and this year’s budget.  Charles Weiss (Georgetown University) and William B. Bonvillian (MIT) remind us... [More]
on April 22, 2009
Category:  Energy  Environment  Technology Transfer 
Cleantech VC Funding Takes Temporary Hit
The venture capital industry is not immune from the current economic downturn. It appears that VCs, like many of us, have paused to assess the impact on their portfolio companies.The first quarter of the year saw a drop in venture capital investment. The level of... [More]
on April 20, 2009
Category:  General 
Business Lessons from Miles Davis
If you’re a jazz fan, chances are you’re also a fan of Miles Davis’ seminal 1959 album, Kind of Blue. In honor of the album’s fiftieth anniversary, a group of Harvard Business School researchers sought to tease out some business lessons from the recording.  They... [More]
on April 20, 2009
Category:  General  Workforce 
In Good Times & Bad, Innovation Can't Wait
Human nature in times of crisis tells us to avoid rish and make the safe play. This week, I explain why the exact opposite message is needed when it comes to entrepreneurial activity in times of recession. Here is the lead:Every day—while building roads, giving... [More]
on April 20, 2009
Category:  General  Global 
Entrepreneurs 1 -- Pirates 0
Through the Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship we like to talk about the importance of creating an entrepreneurial ecosphere to stimulate economic growth. We also believe strongly that an essential element of that is a culture that recognizes opportunities and is willing to accept risk... [More]
on April 17, 2009
Category:  Global 
Payne Recognized for Angel Investing
Allow me to be one of the first to congratulate Bill Payne for being given the 2009 Hans Severiens Award for his contributions to angel investing. I had the chance to talk a bit with Bill at the Inc. 500 conference in Savannah, Georgia a... [More]
on April 16, 2009
Category:  General 
A State-by-State Look at Job Growth
A new study by Moody's, an economic consulting firm, is getting some attention on While the 2009 forecast for the US shows a drop of 3.3%, it projects gains for 2010-2012 across all job sectors--even the sluggish manufacturing industry. In the meantime, what does 2009... [More]
on April 15, 2009
Category:  General 
Succeeding Through Failure
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. This week's essay encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to never give up.  Here is the lead:“Lizard King” John Bello describes his first entrepreneurial venture as a miserable failure. Bello launched South Beach Beverage Co. in 1995. Despite the... [More]
on April 13, 2009
Category:  General 
Defending Capitalism
With a magnificent stumble highlighting a global recession, capitalism has been kicked numerous times while its down. There is even a new term popping up--"casino capitalism"--to paint it as too fast and too loose. But let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater.A recent... [More]
on April 13, 2009
Category:  General  Global 
We're from the Government and We're Here to Help
On a recent appearance on MSNBC, Senate Small Business & Entrepreneurship Committee chair Mary Landrieu talked about easing the flow of credit and other efforts in Washington to help small businesses. Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy [More]
on April 10, 2009
Category:  Capitol Hill 

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