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Entrepreneurship and Recovery in New York City

on March 30, 2009 Source: Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been making a big push to promote entrepreneurship as a path to the city’s economic recovery. Over the past several months, he has made several announcements related to expanded support for the city’s new and aspiring business owners. Earlier this month, he announced an expansion of FastTrac LaunchPad, an entrepreneurial training program for displaced workers developed by the Kauffman Foundation.

Last week, he announced an expanding training program using the FastTrac NewVenture curriculum as well as a new series of partnerships with the Freelancer’s Union, a New York based advocate for America’s independent workforce. This effort is designed to create a new unemployment benefit for laid off freelancers and self-employed workers, and to provide low-cost office space for their operations.

As the Mayor noted, he started his own business -- you may have heard of Bloomberg -- after being laid off. His new initiatives seek to open similar opportunities for other New Yorkers. 

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