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Entrepreneurs As a Solution to Policy Challenges
In the past few months, we have highlighted through articles and factsheets how public policy can make the path easier for entrepreneurship and innovation. With the Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship, we hope to emphasize not only how policies can foster entrepreneurs, but also how entrepreneurship can directly be part of... [More]
on September 07, 2009
Category:  Capitol Hill  Education  Energy  Environment  General  Global  Health Care  Immigration  Intellectual Property  Liability Litigation  Physical Infrastructure  Red Tape  Tax Code  Technology Transfer  Workforce 
Modernizing the Labor Movement: “The Entrepreneurial Union”
Amy Wilkinson, senior fellow at Harvard University’s Center for Business and Government and public policy scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, has been researching and writing about entrepreneurial leadership. In a recent piece for the Stanford Social Innovation Review titled “The Entrepreneurial... [More]
on September 03, 2009
Category:  General  Health Care 
Regulate Venture Capitalists?
A discussion on regulating venture capitalists is building up as new legislative proposals in Congress would require private pools of investment capital to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The objectives of such legislation are to protect the public from abuses and... [More]
on September 02, 2009
Category:  General 
Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship Deadline Approaching
This is a reminder that the deadline for the 2010 Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship Program is approaching quickly -- all proposals must be submitted by 7:00 p.m. (Central) on Wednesday, September 23, 2009. The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation supports doctoral students through the Kauffman Dissertation... [More]
on September 01, 2009
Category:  General 
Boom in Entrepreneurship Just Down the Road
Earlier this summer, we reported on a recent study by Dane Stangler of the Kauffman Foundation that showed Baby Boomers are sparking a rise in entrepreneurship and that young, tech-savvy upstarts like Mark Zuckerberg and Kevin Rose were still outliers. Yesterday, Carl Schramm, president and... [More]
on September 01, 2009
Category:  General  Workforce 
SBA Expands Microloan Program
The Small BusinessAdministration (SBA) has expanded its Microloan program as Recovery Act fundsare making their way into access to capital programs for small businesses. Theincreased funds -- an additional $50 million for loans and $24 million for technical assistance from the the American Recovery and... [More]
on September 01, 2009
Category:  Capitol Hill 

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