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Is the U.S. Turning Away Entrepreneurs?
ABCNews has an interesting article, 'Shooting Itself in the Foot': Is U.S. Turning Away Entrepreneurs?, describing the growing movement in favor of new immigration policy specifically for skilled foreign workers as immigration reform becomes a future hot button issue. Supporters like Microsoft founder Bill Gates who... [More]
on April 22, 2010
Category:  Immigration 
Every Day Is Earth for Small Business
Guest post by Tom Sullivan Here in Washington, there is a hue and cry against "special interests," for every topic of debate. Bankers who provide homeowners with loans and who provide entrepreneurs with seed capital are the "special interests" who oppose financial re-regulation. Doctors who care... [More]
on April 22, 2010
Category:  Environment 
Briefing to Cover Regulatory Relief
The Small Business Coalition for Regulatory Relief is holding a briefing tomorrow (April 22) on government-wide technologies and tools to facilitate stakeholder participation in regulatory development. Headlining the briefing is Neil Eisner, Assistant General Counsel for Regulation and Enforcement at the U.S. Department of Transportation.  Eisner will provide... [More]
on April 21, 2010
Streamlining Research Commercialization
A new paper by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, Facilitating the Commercialization of University Innovation: The Carolina Express License Agreement, presents a novel licensing process for commercializing university research that can support American universities' startup companies and enable long-term economic growth. The University of North Carolina... [More]
on April 21, 2010
Category:  Technology Transfer 
From the University to the Marketplace
The JSOnline has an interesting article on a new trend in academia: Professors take expertise to marketplace. For example, Professors at UW-Madison started six companies in fiscal 2008 and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, which handles a lot of UW-Madison's technology transfer activities, has about... [More]
on April 20, 2010
Category:  Technology Transfer 
The State of Entrepreneurship in Malaysia
Today, we start the seven day countdown for the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship, and I want to take the opportunity to highlight a nation where entrepreneurship is starting to bloom: Malaysia. Although not yet a start-up economy, the desire for entrepreneurship and innovation are there,... [More]
on April 19, 2010
Category:  Global 
This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy (April 19-23)
Monday, April 19, 2010, House Small Business Committee - Subcommittee on Finance and Tax - Field Hearing “Access to Capital for Small Businesses” The field hearing will examine the current credit conditions for Florida small businesses. Witnesses will offer testimony on expanding access to capital for entrepreneurs... [More]
on April 19, 2010
Category:  Capitol Hill 
A Look at Innovation Daily (April 12-18, 2010)
Each day, Innovation Daily checks the pulse of global innovation-- courtesy of Innovation America and its founder, Rich Bendis. Here, we take a look at a handful of relevant stories it compiled last week: Strange bedfellows – Government and innovation (from The RIC blog) Does policy influence... [More]
on April 19, 2010
Category:  General 
Brazil's Technology Entrepreneurs
The Christian Science Monitor has lately been reporting on Brazil’s emerging focus on entrepreneurship. Its recent article “Big-business Brazil taps into its young entrepreneurs,” highlights the work of a business incubator in Rio de Janeiro. The Genesis Institute has helped young entrepreneurs commercialize technologies like... [More]
on April 14, 2010
Mathematic Inevitability: Young Firms and Job Creation
Paul Kedrosky, senior fellow at the Kauffman Foundation, has a very interesting post on ("Drunks, A Wall, Entrepreneurs and Jobs") where he explains the mathematic inevitability of the relationship between young firms and job creation. He parallels the relation to the "drunkard's walk" concept... [More]
on April 14, 2010
Category:  General 

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