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Graves to Chair House Small Business Committee

on December 09, 2010 Source: Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship

Congressman Sam Graves (R-MO), who had served as the ranking minority member of the House Small Business Committee, will assume the chairmanship when Republicans formally take control of the House in January. Graves released the following statement after being selected by his colleagues:

“I am humbled and honored to be granted this opportunity to help lead the fight for small businesses in Congress. For too long, small businesses have fallen victim to unstable economic policies created by Washington bureaucrats. We have to make the promotion of American entrepreneurship our top priority immediately, and we can start by putting an end to the regulatory and tax burdens that have created an atmosphere of uncertainty for small businesses.

“As Chairman of this Committee, one of my primary goals will be to aggressively weed out waste, fraud and abuse within programs intended to encourage small business development. We will also be closely investigating federal policies that have the potential to adversely impact entrepreneurs and stifle job creation. Additionally, we will work with other Congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle to find better ways to address key issues like health care, taxes and energy without harming employers or creating more unsustainable debt.

“It is past time to start working with American small businesses and families instead of against them. The 112th Congress must lead this nation in a new direction, one in which the voice of the people is heard and respected in Washington. I am looking forward to joining my Republican colleagues in honoring the promises we made in our Pledge to America.”

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