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Manhattan Links Scientists, Entrepreneurs and Investors

on February 17, 2010 Source: Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship

In his State of the Borough Speech, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer outlined a plan to diversify the city's economy and spark new job growth in the tech sector.

Stringer announced the creation of an “intermediary” that will foster linkages between scientists, entrepreneurs and investors. “As recommended by the Center for an Urban Future in a report released in September, we should create 'Innovation NYC,' an intermediary for building bridges between universities and entrepreneurs, with the mandate to grow the tech sector. It's a program that has worked in other cities from Boston to San Diego—and it can work here," Borough President Stringer said. The report Stringer referred to is "Building New York City's Innovation Economy".

Stringer also unveiled the creation of a Presidents Council for Manhattan's Innovation Economy, composed of the presidents of the borough's leading scientific universities and research institutions. “The Council’s purpose will be to develop a consensus around the best ways for government to support the city’s tech sector. We will also be setting targets for growing the number of New York City startup companies drawing on university research,” he explained.

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