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A Lost Decade? Look to New Firms for Growth
A new story in the Washington Post paints a pretty grim picture of the 2000s. Consider the fact that since the Great Depression, there have been six decades of continuous job growth -- and that it just ended. The decade that began with extravagant millennium... [More]
on January 04, 2010
Category:  General 
VC Outlook for 2010 and Beyond
2010 will see a gradual increase in investment levels and exit transactions according to Venture View 2010, the annual year-end survey by the National Venture Capital Association. Sixty-three percent of all respondents expect venture investment dollar levels to remain the same or increase from 2009.... [More]
on January 04, 2010
Access to Credit Improving... Barely
A number of sources are indicating that banks are relaxing lending standards -- leading to a slow increase in small business demand for loans. The graph below from the December issue of The Small Business Advocate suggests that brighter days are ahead. The latest report... [More]
on January 04, 2010
Category:  General 
A New Year's Resolution
Since the economic crisis broke out, capitalism has been under the microscope. Many have blamed evil businesses and market forces for the financial meltdown, and have lost confidence in private-sector engagement strategies for recovery. Luckily, in this country many more have experienced the positive impact... [More]
on January 04, 2010
Category:  Global 

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