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States Providing Funding / Incentives for Entrepreneurs

on May 05, 2010 Source: Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship

[HT to  Innovation Daily  

A recent piece on, “States that Truly Bet on Small Business," offers a glimpse at a Spinal Tap-esque list (it goes to 11) of states that strongly promote entrepreneurship through funding programs. Which states -- and programs -- make the list?

  • Ohio: Ohio Third Frontier
  • Michigan: Pre-Seed Capital Fund
  • Massachusetts: Massachusetts Technology Collaborative
  • Pennsylvania: Ben Franklin Technology Partners
  • New York: New York State Foundation For Science, Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR)
  • Texas: Texas Emerging Economy Fund
  • Maryland: Maryland Technology Development Corporation
  • Connecticut: Connecticut Innovations
  • Maine: Maine Technology Institute
  • South Carolina: SC Launch
  • Indiana: Indiana 21st Century Research and Technology Fund

Most of these predictably focus on the tech sector and results are mixed -- or unclear at best -- on how successful they are in attracting significant investment from the angel & VC communities, but at least the recognition that entrepreneurs grow economies is there.

Read the full Forbes piece for more details on these programs.

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