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Entrepreneurship on Campus

I hope that like me, you have had the chance to witness the burgeoning phenomenon of entrepreneurship curriculum in American higher education. More and more, students have the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship on campus. In the process of creating entrepreneurship programs, universities have become more entrepreneurial themselves. This is great news. Colleges and universities are natural incubators of creativity and new ways of looking at things. And this new reality might mean that colleges and universities are better preparing students for success in the American economy where more professionals need to make their own jobs.

on May 02, 2011
Category:  Growth & Poverty 
This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy May 02

As major media outlets continue to show wall-to-wall coverage of the death of Osama bin Laden, Congress carries on with a relatively light collection of hearings that are of interest to followers of the entrepreneurial economy.

on May 02, 2011
Category:  Capitol Hill 

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