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Winners of EDAs i6 Challenge Visit Capitol Hill

on January 23, 2012 Source: Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship

The last we heard from the i6 Challenge, the Economic Development Administration was looking for comments on the "X Prize-style" competition designed to help additional cities develop economic blueprints for the future. Last week, four of the six winners of the competition were featured at a hearing on Capitol Hill to provide members of Congress with a look at how federal funds are impacting regional economic growth.

According to a notice put out by EDA’s Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the office responsible for overseeing the Challenge, the following winners delivered presentations:

  • David Kenney and Dr. Patricia Beckman of the Oregon Built Environment and Sustainable Technologies Center of Portland, Oregon:
    Oregon Translational Research and Drug Development Institute’s work that is helping to bring cutting-edge medical research to market.
  • Dr. Thomas O’Neal and Wayne Hodges of the Global Center for Medical Innovation of Atlanta, Georgia: Global Center for Medical Innovation’s role in providing business development infrastructure to medical device companies located in the southeastern United States
  • Dr. Art Boni of Carnegie Mellon University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Carnegie Mellon University’s “Innovation Works” program and how it is helping companies to better assess the market for their research and products.
  • Dr. Wayne Watkins of the University of Akron Research Foundation of Akron, Ohio:
    The University of Akron’s project to increase downstream success by improved selection of commercially attractive research projects.

The i6 Challenge is a multi-agency collaboration with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) that rewards the nation’s best ideas for technology commercialization and entrepreneurship.

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