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Creating Sustainable Startup Communities

on October 15, 2012

Brad Feld, managing director of the Foundry Group and tireless advocate for entrepreneurs and startups everywhere, is featured in a new sketchbook video from the Kauffman Foundation.

Feld boils down 20 years of experience working with entrepreneurs and building a vibrant startup ecosystem in Boulder, Colorado, into four essentials that will work anywhere in the world.

He calls it, “The Boulder Thesis”—namely that sustainable entrepreneurial communities must have:
  1. Two types of people: leaders (entrepreneurs) and feeders (people who support startups, such as government agencies, funders, service providers). While the "feeders" are the very fabric of the community, the entrepreneurs must be in the lead.
  2. A long-term view and commitment to building this community
  3. A philosophy of inclusiveness that welcomes everyone with an interest, not just entrepreneurs
  4. Substantive activities that engage the entire community to help startups move forward

Feld's insights in the video are based on his new book, Startup Communities. Feld is co-founder of The Foundry Group and TechStars.

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