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Dying to Make Money – are you joking?
I spent part of my Labor Day Weekend getting current on my required reading. From the pile of magazines that invade my mailbox monthly to a week’s worth of various and sundry newspapers, which I still get in that good old-fashioned printed way (quaint I... [More]
Thom Ruhe
on September 08, 2009
Talking about BusinessWeek's "The Case for Optimism"
Taking a look at the newsstand lately, it may seem as if the covers of major periodicals are not - pardon the pun - on the same page.  Only a week or two after Newsweek proclaimed "The Recession is Over," BusinessWeek has followed with "The... [More]
Thom Ruhe
on August 27, 2009
Entrepreneurship News Round-Up: Week of 8/24/2009
For the final full  week of August, we’ve got a few EXTRA links to share with you: An article by Mickey Meece in the Business Section of this weekend’s New York Times cites some recent Kauffman reports and delves into the continuing rise of “necessity... [More]
Thom Ruhe
on August 24, 2009
Entrepreneurship News Round-Up: Week of 8/17/2009
The Wall Street Journal blog roundup today focuses on Venture Capital, and in specific what high-tech firms and entrepreneurs have to say about it. Jeremy Quiltner at BusinessWeek details IDBs – Industrial Development Bonds – as a means for entrepreneurs to finance land and equipment... [More]
Thom Ruhe
on August 17, 2009
The Entrepreneurial Paradox: Profit or Power?
For many entrepreneurs, there’s some part of their personality – their drive, their adept deal-making ability, their stubbornness – that becomes a crucial component to the early success of their venture.  But all too often, the time comes when the tables are turned, and it’s... [More]
Thom Ruhe
on August 12, 2009
Starting a Business – Cheaper Than You Think
For many, the biggest problem with getting a good business idea off the ground is the cost. From administrative and legal costs, to product development and marketing, office space and employees, starting a business can be incredibly expensive. However, with the right set of... [More]
Thom Ruhe
on August 11, 2009
Entrepreneurship News Round-Up: Week of 8/10/2009 has kicked-off a new marketing campaign that includes TV, print and online media and targets entrepreneurs. There’s a new version of its U.S. microsite and three video "mock-umentaries" to greet visitors to the site with entertaining stories of how entrepreneurs used to find... [More]
Thom Ruhe
on August 10, 2009
Entrepreneurs Need R&R, too!
  As we move into August, and inch ever-closer to Labor Day – the unofficial end of summer – I’ve been thinking a lot about squeezing the most out of the last few weeks of the beautiful summertime weather.  July 4th is a fading memory,... [More]
Thom Ruhe
on August 05, 2009
Entrepreneurship News Round-Up: Week of 8/3/2009
The Springfield Business Journal Online adds their observations on why our nation's recent economic woes have led to a rise in entrepreneurship, especially among first-time entrepreneurs. The Miami Herald details plans at two area colleges offering Certificate of Entrepreneurship programs for those looking to graduate with... [More]
Thom Ruhe
on August 03, 2009
Innovation = Job Creation, it's a simple equation.
We are currently narrowing a field of 30 applicants for 12 available Postdoctoral Researcher/Entrepreneurship Fellowships. The basic premise is that we are selecting a dozen incredibly bright folks from science, technology, engineering and medical fields, and we are going to help them accelerate their... [More]
Thom Ruhe
on July 31, 2009

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