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Pepsi Tech?
Today I posted an update to the home page of about an idea exchange on media, communications and technology. Specifically, the Pepsi Company, yes the soda making giant, is “championing outside innovation and welcoming it into the organization to push our marketing and communications... [More]
Thom Ruhe
on June 21, 2010
Entrepreneurs as insurgents?
Still a bit wrankled by Malcolm Gladwell’s recent article, “The Sure Thing,” in which he (mis)characterized entrepreneurs as “predators.” I began to search for a more accurate metaphor; one that might be negatively construed, yet more accurately describes the behavior and attitudes of successful entrepreneurs.... [More]
on June 21, 2010
Entrepreneurship News Roundup: Week of 6/18/2010
This week we looked at how entrepreneurs are finding financial relief through individual development accounts (IDAs). These accounts help small business owners boost their savings to purchase equipment or advertising for their companies. In addition to this we reviewed, 7 tips for generating buzz for... [More]
Thom Ruhe
on June 18, 2010
Entrepreneurship News Roundup: Week of 6/11/2010
This week we looked at a group of entrepreneur students at Babson College who transformed walls to whiteboards with their innovative entrepreneurial approach to the company IdeaPaint. Also, Kauffman Foundation Vice President of Advancing Innovation Lesa Mitchell testified to the House Committee on Science and Technology... [More]
Thom Ruhe
on June 10, 2010
New “Infectious Talk” Podcast Series
“Infectious Talk,” is a new podcast series presented by the Kauffman Foundation.  Hosted by renowned blogger and financial commentator Paul Kedrosky, this series focuses on current issues as well as feature leading industry thinkers to discuss topics regarding: •    Entrepreneurship •    Economic Growth •    Innovation Check out the... [More]
Thom Ruhe
on June 09, 2010
Entrepreneurship News Roundup: Week of 6/4/2010
This week we looked at how women entrepreneurial businesses are growing twice as quickly as the national average for all startups. One women entrepreneur that has helped in this growth over the past two years is entrepreneur Kate Friedman, owner of Atelier Shoes. We also... [More]
Thom Ruhe
on June 04, 2010
Reaching into the past to create the future.
Last week I had the pleasure of attending Tech Town’s 2010 FastTrac to the Future conference in Detroit, Michigan. More than 700 experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs gathered on the campus of Wayne State University to participate in what will become the future of Detroit’s economy. ... [More]
on June 03, 2010
Entrepreneurship Dissertation Fellowship Grant
Just announced, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation’s 2010-2011 Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship Program's Online Request for Proposal is now available through Sept. 15, 2010. The Kauffman Foundation will award up to fifteen Dissertation Fellowship grants of $20,000 each to Ph.D., D.B.A. or other doctoral students for... [More]
Thom Ruhe
on June 02, 2010
Entrepreneurship News Roundup: Week of 5/28/2010
Uncovered in the Kauffman’s Index of Entrepreneurial Activity report we saw that entrepreneurial growth was the highest among 35- to 44-year olds in 2009. Many of these small businesses were launched due to the loss of income opportunities. Also this week the introduction of, “Who... [More]
Thom Ruhe
on May 28, 2010
Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity: 1996 – 2009 Report
According to the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity: 1996 – 2009 report, U.S. small business startups launched in 2009 reached record highs when compared to startups created during the 2007 – 2009 recession. Additionally, the report uncovered that entrepreneurial growth was the highest among 35-... [More]
Thom Ruhe
on May 27, 2010

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