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Entrepreneurship News Roundup: Week of 8/27/10

Posted by: Thom Ruhe on August 27, 2010 Source: e360 Blog

This week we opened up the dialogue by asking the community to weigh in on the question, Can entrepreneurship be taught? We received great responses from community members on this question. Overall members agreed that teaching entrepreneurship can be a benefit to students. Others felt that the entrepreneurial instinct is in the gut and that some people just have what it takes to succeed. 

Also this week we looked at how credit unions could be the answer to small business owners’ banking problems. In addition to this we highlighted the importance of revisiting your vision and mission statement if you haven’t lately. Plus, seven things you should do before you quit your job to help individuals thinking of venturing out and starting their own business plan ahead.

Focused on entrepreneur education, we looked at Baylor University’s John F. Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship this week and its’ programs and specialty outreach courses focused on helping future and current entrepreneurs succeed.

Lastly we spotlighted entrepreneurs Artistic Aya & Hugh & Crye and how they are achieving their entrepreneurial dreams in spite of a cash-strapped society. As well as, Aaron Radin and how he used technology and history to create an iPhone application for museum-goers.



Tags:  Can entrepreneurship be taught?, credit unions, vision and mission statement, seven things you should do before you quit your job, Baylor University’s John F. Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship, Artistic Aya & Hugh & Crye, Aaron Radin

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