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An eMed Blog: Landing Seed Money - Five Tips

Check out this blog on's newest resource: eMed Blog. Brian O'Connell offers five tips to healthcare entrepreneurs looking for venture capital.

Thom Ruhe
on May 26, 2011
Think you have a great idea for a new co? Then go find talent to join you.

There is a myth out there about the sole entrepreneur who has the idea, starts the company and gets rich.  While there might be cases where this does happen – more frequently there is a team...

Lesa Mitchell
on May 23, 2011
Black Innovators and Entrepreneurship

Startup America Partnership CEO Scott Case was asked about women entrepreneurs’ lack of access to venture capital. Case said one challenge facing both women and minority entrepreneurs is “they’re not visible to us.” As a result, Faye Anderson launches "The Innovators" website.

Thom Ruhe
on May 19, 2011
Necessity is the Mother of Invention and Father of Entrepreneurship

I recently attended the 39th Annual Induction Ceremony for the National Inventors Hall of Fame. As it has been in years past, it was awe-inspiring and of significant historical interest.

Thom Ruhe
on May 10, 2011
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