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Students Engage in Entrepreneurship Beyond the Classroom

Wendy Torrance on August 09, 2013 Source: e360 Blog

Wendy TorranceThe Kauffman Foundation recently released a set of papers reflecting on the entrepreneurship activities taking place on campuses around the country. One of the things we have learned from the Kauffman Campuses, a program that encouraged interdisciplinary entrepreneurship education programs to discuss common practices and challenges, and from a group of experts we convened from entrepreneurial campuses around the country is that students are taking the initiative on campuses across the country, creating opportunities for themselves, and others, to engage in entrepreneurial opportunities. And they're engaging with entrepreneurship well beyond the classroom.

At the University of Utah, the Bench to Bedside medical device competition was started by a student and yielded twelve patents in the first year. At Rice University, students began the midsummer "Next Big Idea Weekend" to generate ideas for the coming academic year, and at Washington University, doctoral and postdoctoral students founded the Balsa Group, which affords its participants the opportunity to develop their commercialization skills by consulting for early stage biotechnology companies in the community.

Students are engaging with entrepreneurship through clubs and other extracurricular activities. Students at the University of Wisconsin, students can opt to live in an Entrepreneurial Residential Learning Community, at Arizona State, the student-led Changemaker Central encourage students to use their ideas to change the world. The Entrepreneurship Club at Syracuse boasts more than 350 members and at the College of Wooster the Center for Entrepreneurship (C4E) brings members of the entrepreneurship club together every Thursday evening.

Students: are there opportunities you would like to see on your campus? Find inspiration in these examples and find ways to be entrepreneurial in your neighborhood.

See Wendy Torrance's full series on higher education under the keyword: Kauffman Campuses.

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