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From Idea to Business: Build a Business Model Canvas replace business plans with a better and more dynamic approach: the systematic design, testing, and pivoting of Business Model Canvases.

Business Model Canvas

The video series “From Idea to Business” teaches entrepreneurs how to design and test business models that help their ideas have a better chance of succeeding.

The Kauffman Foundation, in collaboration with the founders of Strategyzer – the makers of the best-selling book Business Model Generation and the inventors of the breakthrough Business Model Canvas methodology – developed the animated, short videos to boost executives' and entrepreneurs' chances of success in their search for a scalable and profitable business model.

The six video series covers topics including: • Getting from business idea to business model • Visualizing your business model • Prototyping • Navigating your environment • Proving it • Telling your story / Pitching your business.

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Watch all 6 episodes from start to finish by clicking this playlist.

Ep 1 - Getting From Business Idea to Business Model


Watch the story of Beth, Carl, and an idea they believed could become a great business.

Ep 2 - Visualizing Your Business Model


Learn about the business model canvas, a visual tool to craft powerful business models.

Ep 3 - Prototyping


Avoid falling in love with your first idea, and learn how to prototype multiple business model options.

Ep 4 - Navigating Your Environment


Map the environment in which your business model will fight for survival.

Ep 5 - Proving It


Test all aspects of your business model to find out whats works, what doesn't, and what needs to change.

Ep 6 - Telling Your Story


Pitch your business model in a clear, simple, and compelling way.

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