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1er Gran torneo de Fighting Games

12/1/2012 - 2:00 AM

Greetings friends (new and not so new) headed to warmly invite you to the tournament we are organizing and we hope will be a success for the purpose of this tournament is the main and basically have the opportunity to spend a pleasant moment of gaming company of you, of course it will also help more people to know about us and this community grow in the future and so we can organize better events, bigger and with a larger community of gamers. The event will take place on December 1st This year, on-site Garage Hacker (glass # 2188. between Simon Bolivar and San Martin General Guadalajara, Jal.) as many of you know and for those who do not know, in this tournament will be held in four different events which will be made ​​skills competition participants with four games are: Super Smash Bros Brawl, Street Fighter 3rth Strike, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition and Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3. Each event will have a bracket of 32 participants will qualify for yy double elimination, leaving playoff winners and losers. To be able to enroll this tournament must register through this page, under "Registration for the tournament" , having done his registration will be sent an email in which they were granted your registration number to or participate in events and asked to make a payment within 7 business days after received the email, once we make payment and notify stay officially registered and their place within the event will be insured. For those who wish to participate in more than one event will be given a discount of $ 20.00 pesos per extra event registered, this means that if you pay for example your registration to three events the cost of your registration will be $ 320.00 Pesos saving you $ 40.00 pesos for the two extra events. want to remind you have to bring your own gamepad or fighstick because we will have some to give, but we are not responsible for the performance that the gamepad show. Again said this, we would be pleased to see you there with the best disposition to play and show their skills, and we know there are many that do that to us so that we schmooze it seems this project, we discuss what their favorite games and why not, if they would join us in our community, because we do know. without further ado we wish you good luck and may the best win Source:

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