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42 Beers 5 English

12/13/2012 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

42 Beers is a and Proyectalis sponsored event whose mission is to promote and showcase good communication and presentation practices for startups. The idea is to build a great community of both startups and bloggers around Press42 that share their knowledge to help startups get better at communicating what they do.

The event will showcase 2 startups that will go on stage for a 5 minute pitch. Afterwards, the audience will give them feedback on the presentations. After this, the Press42 crew will showcase their own version of the startup's pitch to the audience, demoing new spins on the startup's idea, slides and presentation.

The conclusion is that the showcased startups get a 360 review of their message, not only from the Press42 crew, but from the audience, which after all, might be their potential customers.

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