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Dec Meetup Hiten Shah Founder of Kissmetrics

12/5/2012 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

For our last meetup of the year, am pleased to present Hiten Shah. A super interesting, hands on founder of a number of startups including Crazy Egg and Kissmetrics.

I've had the good fortune of speaking with him over 2012 and am really looking forward to having him present to the group. The topic of user engagement, understanding it, measuring it and building for it is something that is universal for building software applications, so hugely relevant to all us.

He'll be speaking about his experiences building SaaS applications.

Hiten Shah Bio

Hiten started on the Internet by founding a Internet marketing consultancy, ACS. He then went on to create Crazy Egg, an analytics tool that visualizes the user experience on a website. Now with KISSmetrics he is building a data driven solution to help online businesses make better business decisions. Hiten is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs and startup people.

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