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StartupOnomics Mini Series: Stories from Startups Using Behavorial Economics

12/5/2012 6:30 PM - 8:15 PM

Trying to get your users to eat less? Save more money? Use a new device?

You know that asking people to change is hard, if not impossible. However, if you can understand how people think and why they make decisions, it can be much easier to do. Startups who are exploring Behavioral Economics principles in their product design are finding success at changing big behavior.

The StartupOnomics Mini Series

The StartupOnomics Mini Series is based off of StartupOnomics, the Behavioral Economics Summit led by famous author Dan Ariely.

This will be a fun filled, intense evening of lightning talks about real life behavioral economic experiments.

Startups will walk us through the behavior they wanted to change, the experiment they set up and the results. We'll invite attendes to ask questions, contribute their own learnings and help brainstorm different ways to apply these concepts.

From user acquisition techniques to influencing bad habits, these experiments will rock your world at how easy it can be to change people's behavior and give you the data and knowledge to try your own tests.

BONUS: ZURB CEO will share his expert advice on how to design for conversion.

Bryan Zmijewski is the Chief Instigator at ZURB. Over the past 15 years, Bryan’s advised more than 200+ start-ups on how to build better products quickly and has created over $1.6+ dollars in market capitalization.


6:30 - Doors Open

7:00 - Bryan speaks

7:20 - 8:15: Lightening talks and q&a

Meet cool and interesting people until 9pm.

Learn More: StartupOnomics Mini Series Stories from Startups Using Behavorial Economics

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