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Technologia Incognita Hackerspace Social Meetings

12/12/2012 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

About Techinc

Technologia Incognita, the name of the Amsterdam Hackerspace

The hackspace is located at Louwesweg 1 which is in the ACTA building.

We are best reached by Public Transport, Check here for the closest tram/bus/metro stops.

Members & Membership

We are a vereniging (association) and fund our space and tools from member donations.

Currently the suggested donation for monthly membership is 20 Euro, if you have any questions feel free to ask a member at the weekly Wednesday social night.

More information regarding membership on the wiki.

Our Wiki

For our convenience, most of our content can be found on the wiki

Out Of Hiding - A Week Of Events

To celebrate our new space, we decided to have a space warming party. Then we decided to have a week of events, showcasing everything that our community is involved it, the things we do and hopefully engaging people beyond our members.

It starts with a Crypto Party on the 3rd of December and ends with a Space Warming party, including an evening of talks, on the 8th December. You can find more information on our wiki

Deprecated /Tmp/Inc, Hello ACTA!

Good news everyone!

We have moved to a bigger and nicer space, previously, we we're located at the Vijzelstraat 68. While it was an "OK" space, we wanted to get a more permanent space. We had been waiting for a room at the former ACTA(lolol) building in Slotervaart. A couple of months ago we got offered a new space and after a few visits to the space, we signed a contract!

On Saturday October 21th, we moved successfully to the ACTA building which is located at Louwesweg 1, feel free to come check us out!

Software Freedom Day Event

We are giving a presentation about techinc at the software freedom day event in amsterdam. For more information see their website

Learn More: Technologia Incognita Hackerspace Social Meetings

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