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Kaohsiung Software Technology Park Exhibition

11/24/2012 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Kaohsiung Software Park the southern emerging an important indicator of the development of the park, but also in southern Taiwan only supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs under the jurisdiction of pure R & D park, also led Kaohsiung transition from traditional heavy industry to an important opportunity for development of R & D and design industry.

Under the joint efforts from all walks of life, led to many important knowledge-intensive manufacturers in the south of the fruits of development, including:

Indicative of IC design companies: Elan, ACARD, Etron Technology, the Kai Yu DAVICOM listed and OTC research and development center in southern

Indicator digital content vendors: R & H ( Hollywood, well-known animation and visual effects company headquarters is located in Los Angeles, participated in more than 130 Department of movie making, including: Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Chronicles of Narnia Museum fright night, etc. ) , the rabbit will be creative Qi Rui Technology, KKBOX Brogent information ...

In the quality: crown information ( Steel shares 100% ) , Soft-World Information, Technology Mount giant, Ehud information, Ling Cheng, Bo-phase technology, Kwan-up to information ... etc.

In 11/24 (Sat) afternoon, these vendors in this activity, they set up in the southern stronghold of the development of philosophy, adhere to the time in the south of the development of ideas and successful model, presented to you!

The Elan power R & D Director , the Yuan Xiang Technology R & D Associate KKBOX southern manager will visit the scene, for sharing and exchanging.

The scene with the exchange area, it is an excellent opportunity for direct face-to-face with the enterprise.

You can bring your own resume, or the same day to the desk to obtain a copy of the curriculum vitae prepared by the organizers.

We sincerely invite you, to look at - back to southern Kaohsiung Software Park!

The official website: / khsp-nsysu

Online registration:

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