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Paul Kedrosky: Disrupting Disruption

11/30/2012 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Paul Kedrosky is a San Diego-based investor, speaker and writer. He is a Contributing Editor for Bloomberg, a Senior Fellow at the Kaufmann Foundation and a frequent economic and financial market commentator for CNBC. He has invested in a bunch of companies, including a few in San Diego!

Paul is a popular tweeter and blogger.

Paul recently contributed to Brad Feld's new book on building startup ecosystems and I interviewed him for my upcoming book, The Lean Entrepreneur. His analysis on technology, investing, innovation and generally, the human condition, is often amusing and always insightful. Check out his Kaufmann Sketchbook video.

Paul will talk about "Disrupting Disruption," which I'm going to bet will be humorous, illuminating and likely a bit controversial. But you know which events to go to get the stale and rehashed and Tech Founders is not one of them!

So don't miss out! Get your tickets early -- they're likely to go fast.


6:30pm - Mingling

7:00pm - Announcements and Intros

7:10pm - Paul Kedrosky, Disrupting Disruption

8:10pm - Q&A

8:30pm - Head to ... afterward. Details forthcoming

As always, ticket pays for drinks.


Free to students w/ ID

$10 For Tech Founder members who RSVP, $20 at the door

$20 For everyone else <== if="" you="" don't="" want="" to="" join="" sd="" tech="">/p>

Learn More: Paul Kedrosky Disrupting Disruption

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