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RocketSpace & Mitchellake | Do Your First 10 Hires Really Matter Most?

11/28/2012 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM

They say that your first 10 hires are the most important that you will ever make. How do you make sure that you have the best strategy in place to recruit the best team possible? Join RocketSpace and Mitchellake on Wednesday, November 28th as we welcome a panel of experts to discuss trends and opportunities in the world of recruiting. Answers to the below questions and more will be discussed in depth:

•How do I distinguish my company from the competition and attract the best Tech talent in such a competitive market?

•How do I make recruitment a core strategy of my business plan?

•How do I find candidates? What are the best tools Jobvite, Linkedin, Github etc..?

•How do I screen the candidates to make sure they are the right fit?

•How much should I be paying for recruitment?

•What kind of choices are there for recruitment help?

•How much does culture fit matter? How can I find the people that align with our culture?

•How do I find a Technical Co-Founder?

•Our company is scaling very quickly, how do we handle multiple hires at one time?

•What is an attractive salary for the position I am trying to fill?

•What is the benefit of having a recruitment strategy, compared to just posting jobs on our website and job boards?


6:00pm- 7:00pm- Registration, Networking, Light Appetizers and Beverages

7:00pm- 8:00pm- Panel Discussion

8:00pm- 8:15pm- Q & A

8:15pm- 9:00pm- More networking

Learn More: RocketSpace and Mitchellake Do Your First 10 Hires Really Matter Most

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