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SFCIV Entrepreneurship Seminar 11

11/23/2012 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Exchange meetings and seminars for entrepreneurs held a number of several hundred participants have lively discussions, and interact.

Moreover, it seems also show an increase in entrepreneurial spin-out from major corporations and mega venture.

On the other hand, there is the so-called expansion activities of the seed accelerator activated, such as entering a new major.

Investors with experience in global activity, has also increased opportunities to perform and investment advice based on extensive experience.

And create an environment where people, such as the following: "Silicon Valley" in Japan finally, the entrepreneurs do I deem?

If there's one thing missing, it is what?

We gatherings to the people who are doing state-of-the-art support, investment and gathering activities, In this seminar, we will discuss the future of entrepreneurship. Panelists  Ltd. CEO, Samurai Incubate Kentaro Sakakibara  Globis Capital Partners Ltd. Mr. Minoru partners Konno  editor TechCrunch Japan Ryuichi Nishida  Studio Ousia Inc. CTO & CEO Mr. Yamada arrow education  SFC-IV chief Shinichiro incubation managers Sera  Keio Katsuya Hirokawa coordinator Keio University SFC incubation managers participation: Although anyone can participate / free, and we will apply for registration to the first 100 people. Registration: Until Innovation Village Keio Fujisawa, please contact your affiliation, your name. Reception: general reception of SFC Open Research Forum 2012 will be made ​​in the entrance hall B1F. When you are traveling, we ask that you stop by on the first hole, you can finished the reception of ORF in this seminar.

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