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Boston University School of Management Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurial Leadership Program

9/10/2012 9:00 AM - 12/15/2012

Are Successful Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

Individuals worldwide have debated this question. At Boston University’s School of Management we contend that successful entrepreneurs require the “right stuff,” but can be taught to significantly improve their chances for success. We help them do that by examining the experiences and best practices of others while teaching specific skills that entrepreneurs need. The Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurial Leadership is designed for motivated professionals who want an intensive and specialized graduate credential, tailored to their needs. Students will learn from world-renowned business school faculty and industry experts, as well as experienced professionals from around the world. This accelerated Diploma can be completed in just four months, and offers the opportunity to gain invaluable work experience through Boston University School of Management’s Internship Program. Upon completion of both the Diploma and Internship Programs, students may apply for optional practical training allowing them to work in the U.S. for an additional year.

Seven courses are included in the Diploma program. Each offers a unique perspective to the entrepreneur interested in launching a new, innovative venture. The faculty work as a team to deliver a tightly integrated curriculum across all disciplines and ensure that sessions complement the learning from one classroom to the next. All students will undertake a total of 24 graduate credits during the course of the program. For specifics on each of the courses listed below, please visit the program website.

  • Entrepreneurial Strategy
  • Entrepreneurial Financial Management
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • Financing the Venture
  • Transforming Sales Strategy
  • Leading Entrepreneurial Ventures

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