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Gov to Com Working in Commercial Technology

4/18/2013 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Federal technology is big business in DC, but it’s not the only game in town.

Although not always easy to find, the area’s commercial software/start up sector is a thriving network of successful companies where passionate technologists work unencumbered, solving hard problems with the latest in open source tools and frameworks.

While we don’t worry about Sequestration or Security Clearances, it’s not all flip flops, foosball, and Nerf guns either. Working in the commercial technology sector provides a unique mix of opportunities and challenges.

At the .Gov to .Com workshop, attendees will hear from Engineering leaders on what it's like to build international eCommerce systems and Web products that generate more data each day than the entire Library of Congress has within its walls.

The presentations, Q&A, and panel discussion will foster open and honest communication about the pros and cons on the commercial side, and what engineers can do to best position themselves for a .Gov to .Com transition.


6:30 - Networking (pizza and drinks)

7:00 - Introduction by Ian Jones

7:05 – Charlie Reverte, VP Engineering, AddThis

7:20 – Andrew Willis, VP Technology, CustomInk

7:35 – Panel discussion - Working in commercial tech - pros and cons

8:00 – Networking

Learn More: Gov to Com Working in Commercial Technology

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