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Lean Startup Machine sponsored by Kauffman Foundation

2/22/2013 - 2/24/2013

Application to attend Lean Startup Machine, sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation

10 free tickets remain for the Lean workshop from 2/22 to 2/24. The workshop is focused on running experiments and customer validation. Please apply ONLY IF YOU CAN COMMIT to an intensive weekend starting on Friday afternoon ending on Sunday afternoon. No coding or hacking.

It is possible that you will not work on the problem you submit below - this exercise is just a way to see how you think and how well you can focus.

We will send you the final details by 2/11 if you are selected as a team or individual. For those whom we are unable to accommodate at this workshop - we plan on doing another in March or May.

* Required

What problem are you solving? *

Keep it short and specific. Write SOMETHING in less than 2 minutes. ONE problem. A migraine not a headache. Not your solution.

CUSTOMER SEGMENT | For whom are you solving this problem? *

For who do you think you are solving this problem. The answer is NOT "everyone with". LIST ONLY ONE. Either the riskiest, or most desirable etc.


What is your dream, your long term goal? What does the future look like? NOT YOUR SOLUTION... NOT YOUR PRODUCT


Your Biggest Challenge at the moment is...?

YOU | *

Why do you want to attend this event?

YOU | *

Enter your email or twitter address so we can get back to you.

How did you hear about this event? *

Enter a referral code here if you have one.


Enter the email or twitter addresses of up to four people you want to work with during the workshop. You are learning a process, it does not have to be someone on your existing team (but it can be). Adding people to your application does not decrease the chances of selection.

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