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$250,000 Funding: Incubator Space and Mentors for MN Social Entrepreneurs

1/3/2013 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Brian Jones, will share how and why you should apply to get your social enterprise under the wing of this new program. Jones is the minister of mission and outreach for the Colonial Church (Edina, MN). Innové exists to help young social entrepreneurs grow their ideas. If you have an idea that could change the world and are under 35 years old and live in the greater Twin Cities metro area, then they invite you to submit your proposal. The church is putting up $250,000 to fund and launch ideas.

This may be the first start-up incubator and investment fund organized by a church in the US.

All ideas should for for the purpose of social and cultural betterment. In other words, they should seek to make the world a better place. Whether they seek justice, clothe the naked, feed the starving, help the widowed and orphaned in their distress, or loose the chains of bondage, we want to hear about it. Speak from you passion.

The idea can be from an individual or a team of entrepreneurs working together. It can be a pure start-up or an existing non-profit that is looking for help to scale to the next level.

Innove is a new program of the Colonial Church of MSP and the deadline for the first cycle of start-ups is January 11, 2013. A full business plan is not required to apply. Application Form.

About the Innovators & Entrepreneurs Meetup Group:

Meet other entrepreneurs and independent product developers. Bring your questions and "group-source" the answers. Hear from specialized experts willing to share their insights. Get energized and stay motivated to pursue your goals. Relax and have a beer and interesting conversations. Participants have found clients and collaborators through this Meetup.

Software, electronics, life sciences, med tech, services, products, materials, designs--innovators of a wide variety of value propositions participate. Both for-profit and non-profit entrepreneurs participate. Many are starting their second or third business. A partner in McKinsey & Company (NYC) turned up one evening. We have enjoyed meeting people from China, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Italy, India, Bangladesh and other countries. Many are newcomers to Minneapolis/St. Paul. Multi-generational, our age range has been 20 to 70+. Several investors make periodic visits for those of you looking for capital.

RSVPs on the Meetup website don't include participants from our hosts personal email list and LinkedIn groups. Many regulars just show up. We don't cancel a meeting due to low RSVPs on Meetup. Our largest attendance was about 20 people, but I've enjoyed smaller groups where I get to hear more from each person.

Let the host know what kind of expert you would like to have at a future meeting and feel free to refer speakers. We look for speakers who have a message that is broader than, "buy my product or service".

The college has a parking ramp connected to the Technical Building where we meet by skyway over Hennepin Avenue.

Learn More: 250000 funding incubator space and mentors for MN social entrepreneurs

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