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Art and Code Club Nathan Koch

1/17/2013 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Art and Code Club

Artists who code, coders who art.

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Art and Code Club, January 2013 - Nathan Koch: Modeling the natural world with C++ and Cinder

Hey folks,

Art and Code Club is "kicking off" our "2013 season" (irony quotes! the 2012 season was like 2 meetings!) on January 17, at a new space. Simon King from IDEO was kind enough to let us use the IDEO Chicago office for the January meeting. RSVP at

I've asked Nathan Koch to tell us about the work he's been doing with Cinder. Here's his abstract:

Nathan will be talking about why you'd choose Cinder over other options for creative coding (like openFrameworks or Processing) and showing some examples from Daniel Shiffman's "Nature of Code" that he ported to Cinder and C++. He'll also demonstrate some of the flexibility you gain from working in C++ (at the expense of some additional complexity.) The talk will also spend some time on the "Nature of Code" and why modeling movement and interaction on the physical world helps us avoid animations that feel too linear, or (conversely) too random.


After a number of years in the media and entertainment industries (musician, video game tester, tour manager, audio engineer, and keyboard tech), Nathan Koch re-discovered digital media in 2006 and rapidly soaked up everything he could, from the core technologies of the Web through to interactive design and development.

Nathan now moonlights as a multimedia artist and visualist, wrangling code as his primary artistic medium using tools like Processing and openFrameworks to create live and interactive visual experiences. As a co-principal of new Logan Square design firm Dialect ( he creates compelling, visceral, post-Web experiences that are at once both awe-inspiring and usefully transparent.

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