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JS Group Kaohsiung

1/5/2013 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

JS Group 1/5 (six) Kaohsiung field

Hi Hello everyone ~

I TonyQ, be regarded as a long involved in the the Taiwan Network JS discuss the technical people, because the JS in fact, has always been wrapped in the language of the veil, a lot of people may not know that in the end will be how much, will not necessarily depth, Canada not quite the same on all server-side language, communication, there may be some discussion on difficult, not sure how to communicate with users of other languages, plus examples of difficult unit is actually very limited, so the discussion on the Internet, there is a good communication pipe is important.

We (JSTW) Community since its inception has been committed to building the information platform for discussion has continued hard work ten months in Taipei and Taichung, and held a total of more than 20 games, large and small poly (meetup) carry out a variety of technical discussions JS, also have been trying to the series more developers to join the discussion, this in many lucky coincidence, we will move forward Kaohsiung chat with you. If you have the opportunity to work with smooth, we also plan to continue to operate in Kaohsiung gathering.

Topic of the field content, we are expected to talk about this topic "Using jQuery development skills.

This event in one p.m. activities in the Kaohsiung Software Technology Park, Building B 7B5, the event is free of charge, welcome to chat. :)

Activities venue is equipped with a wireless network with the power supply.

Head has gone through five years and now is also a full-time front-end workers, has been dedicated to JS / Java the interactive web framework design (ZK), glad to see JS few years become more and more popular in the Internet community together to discuss , but also very anxious about JS developer, knowledge is still very difficult to build.

Hope to continue to initiate from this small gathering.

Of course, I hope that those who are interested in participating at least know what is html know html which tag (div / span...etc), know css Some properties, such as display / position / top / left it. Good partners because these are JS operation, if it is fully heard html with css is what people, that we might discuss that there will be some hard work so you do not have to be a css or html strong, as long as the "know" like!

All things related to JavaScript, not limited to the front and rear ends of the language, are welcome to come together to discuss, we will be able to exchange, will not we can share with with learning.

This can not come or would like to participate in after a lot friends can focus / join the FB associations we have established.

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FB Community:

See you! ;)

Special thanks to the National Sun Yat-sen University Southern District to provide space and assistance activities to promote industrial development research center

Co-organizers: JSDC, love can code the history of your Pood Co., Ltd.

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