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Lets Speak Again Second Meeting of the Year

1/26/2013 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Let’s Speak Again! Shehla Burney Talks about Interesting Natural Sites

Saturday, January 26, 2013

3:00 PM

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As part of our weekly Speak-Bogotá meetings, this Saturday we will have an interesting presentation by our guest speaker for this session, Shehla Burney, a Colombian-Pakistani who will talk to us about some scenic places close to Bogotá. Shela will talk for about 15 minutes, and then there will be a space for Q&A and comments. Afterwards, we will hold our regular conversation class.

The whole session will be guided by Analita Mulligan, a native English speaker, English instructor and CEO of LIOB – Language Institute of Bogotá.

Guest for the 3rd Speak-Bogotá session:

Shehla Burney is a Colombian - Pakistani currently living in Bogota, Colombia. After working as an accountant for several years in the financial, educational and oil industries, she decided to work as a licensed translator. She is always enthusiastic about cultural exchange, meeting new people and exploring new places. During her free time, she enjoys traveling, salsa dancing, hiking and training Tae Bo.

Talk’s Theme: "This talk is about four interesting natural sites, surrounding Bogota. In fact, many locals don't know about these places, which would make for excellent plans on the weekends. I will give some detailed information about them, including how to get there, why they are appealing and what activities can be done there. These places are the Nemocon Salt Mine, and the Chingaza, Chicaque and Pionono parks."

Date and Time: Saturday, January 26th, 2013. 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Place: Av K 19 # 114-09. This is an office building located on 19th Avenue.

Instructor: Analita Mulligan.

Participants: 10. We will have one group, with 10 people maximum.

Cost: $20.000 per person. This amount must be paid in advance. The deadline to make the payment is Friday, January 25th.

We have two payment options: Bank Deposit and on the Internet via PayPal (you can pay here, on this site).

Bank Deposit:

Please make the payment to: SAS

Savings Account (Cuenta de Ahorros): 1918-2227-792


Once you have made the payment, please also sign up for the meeting in this Meetup group and send us (the organizers) an e-mail letting us know that you have registered for the meeting and that you have made the payment, so that we can reserve a place for you.

More about the instructor:

Analita Mulligan taught English to Native, English-Speaking, high-school students in the USA, before teaching English in Japan for two years to executives and to other professionals at Toshiba, Inc. from 2005-2007. She also taught English in India for one year as a volunteer. Analita is the CEO of LIOB S.A.S., an English institute that was created in late February of 2012. The clientele served by LIOB is executives and other professionals from various industries in Bogotá who need to speak the language at a highly proficient level, in order to perform competently in a global market. LIOB uses the Communicative Language Teaching learning and teaching methodology (CLT) where the focus is on learning to ¨Speak in real-life situations.¨ You can learn more about CLT at:

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