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Mobile Monday and GOTO Night Brian LeRoux PhoneGap and Patrick Mueller

1/21/2013 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Event Details

Join us for an upcoming Mobile Monday event hosted by GOTO Chicago team. Registration starts at 5:00PM and we will serve drinks and appetizers until 6:00PM. The presentations will begin at 6:00PM. The two presentations include:

Killing PhoneGap and Going Beyond HTML5, presented by Brian LeRoux from Adobe

HTML5 is exciting, but whats next? Emergent projects from the leading vendors of web browsers may give us a clue. Chrome OS, Firefox OS, Windows 8 all offer the ability to develop system applications with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This new breed of web technologies comes super charged with powerful access to the operating system internals, sensors, and data---sometimes called Device APIs. The misguided Web vs Native debate grows even fuzzier in light of these new technolgies. In this session Brian LeRoux will review the current state of Packaged Apps, how the standards process is shaping up, the natural relationship to Device APIs, and how this all relates to the nihilistic PhoneGap project.

Brian leads the open source PhoneGap project team at Adobe (currently undergoing incubation as Apache Cordova). He has been with the PhoneGap project from its very humble beginnings at Nitobi Software. You can find Brian on twitter @brianleroux and website:

Patrick Mueller, IBM'er working on Emerging Technologies

This talk will cover the state of debugging web applications on mobile devices, and provide an experience report from the author on developing the weinre debugger.

Patrick Mueller is a software developer at IBM in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina. He has been working on web and mobile software for a long time, in many languages, across many OSes. Patrick is currently working on the weinre mobile web debugger and other Cordova related things. You can find Patrick on twitter@pmuellr and

About GOTO Chicago

GOTO Chicago takes place April 23-26th, 2013 and includes 2 Training Days led by leading practitioners and authors on various subjects and 2 Conference days with over 30 of the best speakers in the field. With a 360 degree perspective, we present new technology and trends in a non vendor forum to give attendees inspiration, energy and desire to learn.

For more information about GOTO Chicago, check our our event site:

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