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Node for PHP Developers

1/17/2013 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

This month's presenter is Joe LeBlanc, presenting on Node for PHP Developers:

You've probably heard of Node by now, but it may be sitting in a long list of new tools you want to try. If so, here's a new year's resolution you can keep: "Learn Node before Valentine's Day." Let Joe LeBlanc guide you through setting up a Node server, from the perspective of a PHP developer. Learn how both systems manage packages, handle sessions, pass along requests, and render responses. Joe will map an approach Node if you're used to a PHP framework, as well as discuss ways you can even use Node and PHP together.

About our Presenter:

Joe LeBlanc is a PHP programmer who's recently added Node to his professional tool belt. He's a video training author for ( and is a developer at Manos ( When he's not at the computer, he can be found in the kitchen, by the trail, and even occasionally on the dance floor.

Many thanks to Capital Factory for sponsoring the space! Know anyone who would like to sponsor pizza? Let me know!

Learn More: Node for PHP Developers

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