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UXCamp DC 2013

1/5/2013 9:00 AM - 5:45 PM

Event Details

UXCamp DC is an unconference about User Experience.

UXCamp DC is a barcamp for UX practitioners where attendees get a chance to present, discuss and workshop new and old ideas about user experience.

Join us for a day filled with multiple streams of talks, presentations and activities about interaction design, user research, information architecture, accessibility and other UX topics.

For anyone unfamiliar with the BarCamp model, it’s an opportunity for people to share and learn in an open environment. Any attendee can give a talk, demo or participate on with others in some kind of session. No headliners, no product pitches, just an awesome, if not sometimes intense, day of sharing, socializing, and learning new stuff about User Experience.



Why You Should Attend:

Learn some new things in a fun atmosphere with great people

Food and snacks provided

Win prizes and gifts from sponsors (e.g. books, discounts, etc.)

After party drinks

Who Should Attend:

user experience designers

web designers

mobile designers/developers

information architects

product designers

What You Can Do Now:

Visit the web site:

Watch previous UXCamp DC videos

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Follow us on Twitter (uxcampdc) #uxcampdc

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