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WebConf Taiwan 2013

1/12/2013 9:00 AM - 5:40 PM

WebConf Taiwan is a large comprehensive technical seminar organized specifically for the website developer

Website development is a very complex issue, from the art of the front-end design to back-end programming, database, information security, information and legal issues involved in a very wide range. In addition to the invited lecturers to introduce website development technology, will share related issues in all aspects of the art design, interface design, user experience; addition to the site build, site operators are also one of the key on Web development, design and the enthusiasm of the people involved in the WebConf Taiwan 2013 activities together!

Remind you:

1. activities began enrollment because the number of applicants more websites respond slower, but also please be patient.

First page data sent successfully to get the registration number after the fill is complete, the time to complete the online payment of part of the afternoon or a little later enrollment crowds less.

3 If you do not, within 5 days after registration to complete the payment process, the system will automatically cancel the enrollment.

Open enrollment (generally votes)

WebConf Taiwan will be 2013 12 12 12 12 (Wednesday noon ) open for registration

Designer special tickets, student discount ticket, VIP ticket types Description

If you are above identity, you can still use the normal enrollment method to register WebConf Taiwan 2013 ; We hope to be able to let the diversity of the congregation can participate in a variety of ticket types welcome, so set to protect the interest of the new friend.

Designers tickets?

Invite designers is one of the priorities of the WebConf Taiwan; If you are a designer, also engaged in the work of the designer, you can fill out this form , your eligibility, we will send both the registration number to you. The serial number the same as from the registration URL after registration and payment. (Registration number has been issued is completed, so the form is temporarily shut down, if you have any designer tickets directly email to consult)

Designer Ticket registration number has all paid and sent to fill the mailboxes!

Student tickets?

If you're still as a student, you can fill out this form , we will be unified in the 12/16 email (you fill in mailbox only) Send your registration number to qualify for the list, and in Registration open at 12:17 on the December 17, 2012. (Registration No. All payment is completed, the form is closed)

student discount ticket places only 50, we will pick the top 100 qualifying list sent out the serial number, and serial number needed for general registration procedures, payment the serial number does not necessarily mean the registration of places.

The registration number of student tickets all paid completed and sent to fill the mailbox!

VIP tickets?

VIP tickets to the lecturer (including micro-agenda speakers), the sponsoring vendors as well as the staff of ticket types. Welcome to Submission micro agenda, your topics, we will be giving you free VIP ticket . For details, refer to this description .

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