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WebFWD II Graduation and Demo Day

1/23/2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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** Note: If you are not in the area, you may dial in at 6:30pm PST to the live stream at

WebFWD is Mozilla's accelerator program to support open source entrepreneurs who hope to transform closed markets and create new ones.

Our startups* have just completed 3 months of focused work with our stellar Experts, evolving and executing on their product, business and market strategies. They are ready to show you how they are changing the world through software!

Join us at our Graduation & Demo Day where they will share more on their projects as well as what they need from you, whether it be connections, marketing, or funding.

And of course, we'll eat.

You can learn more about our teams below. Hope to see you there!

Warm regards,

The WebFWD Team


codebender is a web platform for makers, hackers and artists, designed to help them develop cool new hardware-related and embedded projects fast and easy. It allows you to code on the web, using great, responsive tools. Host your Arduino sketches on the cloud, use our advanced code editor to code faster and take advantage of our next-gen compiler to debug your sketches, straight from your browser. Collaborate with the community and share ideas. When you are done, load your code to your Arduino over USB, or even through the network, using our advanced remote upload infrastructure.


Team: Vasilis Georgitzikis

Twitter: @codebender_cc

Harp Platform

From the creators of PhoneGap comes a new kind of development platform that leverages the power of Dropbox to give you the easiest development solution imaginable. Simply edit your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files in your Dropbox folder and the Harp Platform does the rest. Harp is perfect for mobile applications, documentation sites, blogs, and HTML5 presentations. Regardless of your technical acumen, you will find harp to be an indispensable tool.


Team: Rob Ellis, Brock Whitten, Jorge Pedret

Twitter: @HarpPlatform


Linklib is an open, user generated library of video commentary that lets you add links to videos and send them to a second screen. A Twitter-like feed is sent to your phone or tablet in sync with the video so that the links are precisely coupled with whatever is happening on the big screen. Filmmakers and production companies empower and engage their audiences with facts, deleted scenes, making-of material and commercial links. Film audiences can add facts and comments or simply dig deeper into good, reliable information about the movies, TV-shows and amateur clips they love.


Team: Simon Klose

Open Jumpstarts

OpenJumpstarts is an open and free marketplace for one-click web applications. Developers who build web apps and even Wordpress Themes or Drupal-based sites want other developers and users to try out their applications, but face a high barrier to entry from requirements to set up a local server, database, configurations, etc. Now with OpenJumpstarts, developers can turn their web apps into Jumpstarts; they receive a “Try it now" button to place on their website allowing any visitor to launch their app in under 30 seconds.


Team: Maciej "Ski" Skierkowski

Twitter: @OpenJumpstarts


Sketchfab is a web service to publish interactive 3D content online in real-time without plugin. We live in a 3D world, but the web is still in 2D, and we want to change that. We think 3D models deserve something better than screenshots or videos to be shown. That's why we created Sketchfab. We understand 3D and bring it to the web.


Team: Alban Denoyal, Cédric Pinson

Twitter: @Sketchfab makes managing a scalable data processing pipelines dead simple. With you can transform massive amounts of poorly structured data on a regular basis. Regardless of the size and whether your data exists in log files, multiple databases or even at the end of a web API we help you store, transform and share your data with others.


Team: Scott Robertson


Wercker is a continuous deployment SaaS platform that helps developers reduce risk and eliminate waste in their software development process by enabling them to test and deploy their code often, in a hassle-free way. We’re building an integral platform for how software gets deployed on the internet and the cloud.

Learn More: WebFWD II Graduation and Demo Day

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