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3D Design and Production Panel

7/18/2013 7:30 PM - 8:45 PM

3D Design & Production Panel

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

7:30 PM to 8:45 PM

Work in Progress

317 South 6th Street, Las Vegas, NV (map)

3D printing is the hot new manufacturing industry disrupter that everyone's talking about.

But what is it exactly, why has this decades old technology only recently exploded on the scene, and where is it going?

Girls in Tech Las Vegas is delighted to host our latest panel session on 3D Design and Production.

Gathering well established 3D printing experts in the field who leverage this technology in innovative ways, this will be a fascinating night of cutting edge discussion.

Expect to hear about topics such as robots, jewellery, prototyping, copyright/patent issues, and the disruption of law.

The event will be held in the garage at Work in Progress. There is no cost to attend. Everyone welcome.


Jessie Shutt, Romotive

As a self proclaimed “psychology nerd”, Jessie has spent most of her career focusing on the interaction between people and technology. Whether in the Santa Cruz redwoods with photography equipment or in Vegas surrounded by tiny robots, Jessie’s passion has always been in taking advanced technology and making it accessible to everyone. Her current work focuses around Romo, the personal smartphone robot.


Susan Hinton, Zappos

Susan has been a front end web developer at Zappos for two years, and originally hails from Mebourne Australia. She is an active member and PR representative for SYN Shop, the Las Vegas hackerspace. Susan's been following and participating in the 3D printing scene since 2009, and has her own 3D printed jewelry line called Owl Posse. In her spare time, she tinkers with her own 3D printer at home and teaches others about digital fabrication.

Mark Koch, Blue Man Group

Mark Koch is a electronics engineer with over 25 years of experience and spent most of that time at Sun Microsystems (now Oracle Corporation) developing futuristic computer design prototypes. Mark moved back to his hometown of Las Vegas in 2009 to pursue other life goals. Mark now works part time for Blue Man Group maintaining the electronics found in many of the LED lit props and musical instruments. Mark spends the remainder of his time doing freelance design as well as collaborating on an art-meets-robotics project with his friend Sarah Petkus.

Adrian Sipe, AS Studios

Adrian has been in the tech industry since 1997, starting in IT as a Network Admin and Web Developer for the U.S. Navy. He later studied Graphic Design and found his calling in 3D Design. When 3D Printers came on the scene he saw the potential they offered and has since made it his passion. He started AS Studios, a company that produces collectible movie props using 3D printer technology.

Nathan Bryant, Syn Shop

Nathan Bryant is one of the founding members of SYN Shop, Las Vegas' hackerspace and teaches a Google SketchUp class there. He has tinkered and tweaked with several hobbyist 3D printers including a Lulzbot, a Thing-O-Matic, and a Replicator 2. In his free time, Nathan designs and prints door lock parts, chainmail bending rings, bike light parts and all sorts of other do-dads and thing-a-ma-jigs. He moved to Las Vegas from Austin, TX 8 years ago and works as a hydrogeologist by day.

Sarah Petkus, Robotic Arts

Sarah is a graphic artist and illustrator who studied Art-Technology at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. After acquiring a wide range of skills, from printmaking to tinkering with the Arduino, she moved back to Las Vegas and got acquainted with the budding hackerspace, SYN Shop. She spends her free time there designing 3D printed robots as well as collaborating with the other techies on a variety of art projects and installations.

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