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How to Implement an Analytics Driven Social Strategy

7/30/2013 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM



Measuring the effectiveness and return-on-investment of social media is now more critical than ever. To optimize content development across social platforms, you have to start with your goals and metrics. This module will introduce participants to the way that marketers think about analytics and empower you to develop strategies, monitor progress toward your goals, and adjust course over time based on quantitative feedback.


Identify the specific data that is available from various social platforms and how it can be used

Recognize how to interpret various metrics to optimize content development across social media platforms using goals and metrics

Create social media strategies rooted in analytics and quantitative insight to help measure progress towards goals over time


This workshop is geared towards community managers, startups or marketing teams who are managing a brand's social strategy. At registration, please submit links to your facebook and twitter followings as we will choose examples from the class to analyze and learn from.


Atish Davda - Founding Director, EquityZen

Atish is the Founding Director at EquityZen , an online marketplace for private company shareholders to find investors. Previously, he was product lead at Ampush, a big-data advertising technology firm, and distinguished Facebook partner. He launched SF-based Ampush's New York office as first engineer of their Social business, and eventually successfully procured the coveted Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer membership as VP, Product. Atish began his career as a financial engineer at AQR Capital, before which, he founded and operated an education technology firm, Knolsoft. Atish has also taught as a GA enterprise instructor for Viacom. When not at the office, Atish can be found playing tennis and traveling.

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