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Whats My Entity - Choosing a Legal Form for Your StartUp Boulder

7/23/2013 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

What’s My Entity? Choosing a legal form for your start-up


Date(s) – 07/23/2013

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm


HUB Boulder


HUB Workbench

If you’re a company founder, team member, or future founder who is facing decisions about what form of entity to adopt for your social venture, this workshop is for you.

Form matters. What legal form of entity you choose influences your ability to raise funding, pay your team, control your intellectual property, and steer the direction of your enterprise. Understanding the key differences between entity forms is a basic planning point for any social venture.

In this workshop, Seth Henry, partner with Campbell Law Group, will uncover the subtleties of different entity forms and walk you through a process to discover potential forms that fit your company’s goals and values.

• Corporation


• Cooperative

• For profit, non-profit or hybrid

• Benefit corporation

• L3C


The content of this Workbench is not legal advice, and attendance does not create an attorney-client relationship. Before choosing the form of any new enterprise, you should retain counsel and obtain legal and tax advice specific to your particular situation.

About Seth Henry:

Seth Henry is a partner with Campbell Law Group, Boulder’s pioneering social business law firm. Seth brings over twenty years of experience advising ventures of all sizes to his current practice representing mission-driven companies. He was deeply involved in negotiating and drafting the legislation that brought the benefit corporation form to Colorado.

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