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Big Data Innovation Summit

6/14/2013 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Summit Theme and Context

The 2013 Big Data Innovation Summit is co-hosted by China America Innovation Network (CHAIN), Beijing Association for Science & Technology (BAST) and, with a focus on the latest trends in Big Data -- the hottest topic in the information sector right now. As cloud computing and mobile internet technologies continue to revamp the business model for enterprise, more and more firms start to leverage internet and mobile platforms to improve their marketing and operations, including the traditional telecom, finance, education, and healthcare industries as well. How can firms effectively manage the exploding amount of data, distilling useful information to improve their products and services? How can government and medical agencies make better social security and healthcare policies based on the life and health records of citizens? How can entrepreneurs ride the tide of big data and create the next successful business? All of these topics will be heavily covered during the summit. The speakers of this summit include senior managers of international high tech companies, leaders of state-owned and privately-owned corporations in China, entrepreneurs, academic researchers, as well as venture capitalists and local government representatives. We believe every participant of the summit will benefit tremendously not only from the panel discussions but also from the strong relationships they can build with other parties.

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