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Modern Page Layout Technologies

6/29/2013 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Community tip # 2 in Kaohsiung - modern web based publishing technology


Web designers in cooperation with the backend engineers often encounter pages cut, registering problems,

Cause spend too much time in the communication, this agenda will discuss how to design web pages using HTML and CSS,

While incorporating modern web technologies, into the front-end to cope with future trends.

Course Outline


XHTML 1.0 and HTML5 web publishing processes of differentiation

HTML5 Outliner

HTML tags


Position, Box Model, Float

Common Skill Share - fixed, full design, line-height, background

In those years, we had happened bitter history of web publishing

Defeated CSS BUG

Solicit micro Agenda (5 to 10 minutes)

Theme: Open,

Limited to discussion of issues novel technology, but also can share your questions and experience the tip touched, then what is the use of odd tricks kinky resolved, we are welcome you to share this know how everyone ^ _ ^

Organizer / Co-organizers

Organizer: Kaohsiung Front Community

Sponsor: National Sun Yat Southern District to promote industrial development research center

List of Speakers

Liao Wei River Jie - love sharing and exchanging the front designer, in 2007 Jia Rumai Destinator Technologies for front-end design and project management, and is now focusing on compatible Desktop / Mobile Web front-end development, during which they were sparing no effort to help graphic designers, web designers import standard web design.

Micro Agenda List

Chih-Cheng Wang - CSS pseudo-elements

Location and cost information

Fee information: Free .

Location Information:

Past Courses

[CSS] cross-platform programs / Browser integration CSS design process

[CSS] Responsive web publishing technology curriculum courses

[CSS] how to gradually improve curriculum CSS-availability, modular

Learn More: Modern Page Layout Technologies

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