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Marchs Clambake at ANCHOR

3/28/2013 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Event Details

Join Us March 28 at 5:30pm @ ANCHOR, 42 Rice Street

Clambake is Providence's monthly meetup for arts and design entrepreneurs. At Clambake, we show/tell great work, share lessons learned and showcase opportunities and resources within our community.



ANDY CUTLER | Andy Cutler has 20 years of experience in the area of strategic communications. In 2003, he founded Cutler & Company based in Providence, RI . Recently, Andy kicked off a global citizenship program called "Smaller Cities Unite!" and will be fresh off a return flight from Copenhagen after meeting with numerous Danish individuals and organizations to explore new areas of opportunity by connecting cool, smaller communities like Copenhagen and Providence. Smaller Cities Unite explores interesting and impactful ways in which citizens of these cities could collaborate; thus, creating new paradigms for problem solving, product and policy development, as well as engaging its citizenry (particularly its student populations).

WANDA MIGLUS | Wanda Migius is CEO and Founder of ILOROM (formerly, Miglus Design). Wanda's expertise has spanned a wide range of design disciplines in her 30 year design career, including product, retail interior, graphic and packaging, exhibition and textile design. Prior to starting her own company, Wanda focused on developing woven textiles for automotive interiors with Milliken & Company and Joan Fabrics, and worked within the home decorative market for Dansk International Designs and Towle Silversmiths. In 1996, Wanda received the Alden B. Dow Creativity Fellowship which served as a catalyst for starting Miglus Design and morphing herself from designer/inventor to entrepreneur. By leveraging the licensing model for her revolutionary woven textile, for which she was awarded the ICFF Editors Award, Wanda grew the company to what it is today. Wanda rebranded her company in February of this year and is working to place her textile at the heart of the global luxury transportation, residential interiors, hospitality, and architectural markets. Her new website is soon to launch. Wanda has a MFA in Textile Design from Rhode Island School of Design and a BFA in Industrial Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS EXHIBITION (the gallery show that will be up) | The Art League of Rhode Island (ALRI) is having a Associate Members Exhibition at 42 Rice street. ALRI was formed based on a shared vision to encourage and foster artistic recognition and growth among Rhode Island Artists. ALRI was incorporated with a goal to contribute, encourage and promote integrity and excellence in the arts in Rhode Island. The Art League of Rhode Island numbers among its founding members some of Rhode Island's most prominent artists working in a wide range of media from painting to furniture making.

Following the presenters, we will have a brief joint discussion with Q & A featuring both presenters. We’ve been fortunate to have the joint involvement of AIGA Rhode Island and Rally Rhode Island. Both of whom are helping us to curate and promote these events. Thanks guys! We couldn't have pulled this off without you.

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