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NYU Entrepreneurs Festival

3/1/2013 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Event Details

The NYU Entrepreneurs Festival is a rare opportunity to publicly showcase and celebrate successful NYU entrepreneurs and provide a platform to share their stories of success (along with the challenges overcome along the way) with the rest of the NYU community. All of the keynotes and panelists are NYU student, faculty or alumni entrepreneurs. The day and a half event will feature a mixture of Keynotes, Entrepreneurs Panels, Startup Roundtables, Founder Workshops, a NYU Venture Showcase (featuring more than 30 NYU startups) and a celebratory party (Friday evening).

Your admission provides unlimited access to all talks, panels and roundtables, afternoon refreshments both days, breakfast and lunch on Saturday, as well as admission to the party on Friday night!

Whether you're curious about entrepreneurship, have a startup, are an alum, or a faculty member with cool research - the Festival is for you!

700+ Attendees

30+ NYU startups on display

20+ NYU alumni entrepreneurs speakers

20+ Startup Roundtables

7 Founders Workshops

6 Entrepreneurs Panels

4 Keynotes

1 Kickass Party

Featured Speakers

Confirmed Keynotes By:

Jack Dorsey, Co-founder - Twitter and Square

Herb Kelleher, Co-founder, Chairman Emeritus and former CEO - Southwest Airlines

Alexandre Douzet, Co-founder and CEO - TheLadders

Rachel Sterne Haot, Founder - ground report (and Chief Digital Officer of NYC)

Entrepreneur Panelists include:

Hursh Agrawal, Co-founder - Branch

Sean Weinstock, Co-founder and COO - numberFire

David Steinberger, Co-founder - comiXology

Sinan Aral, Assistant Professor and Microsoft Faculty Fellow, NYU Stern

James Graham, CFO - CMP.LY (and former CEO of Swiss Data Group)

Troy Downing, Founder - WebCal (Acquired by Yahoo)

Paul Berry, Founder and CEO - RebelMouse and CasaHop (and former CTO of the Huffington Post)

Nihal Parthasarathi - Co-founder - CourseHorse

Trevor Owens - Founder - Lean Startup Machine

Cliff Seltzer, Co-founder and CEO - Puresend

Joe Landolina, Co-founder and CEO - Suneris Technologies

Shabnam Rezaei, Co-founder - Big Bad Boo Studios

Jane Zhu, Co-founder - Sleepbot

Suman Laal, deTect Biosciences

Katie Shea, Co-founder - CitySlips

Rishi Prabhu, Co-founder - Bespoke Post

Thomas Kelly, Co-founder and Director of Culinary Development - Mexicue

Miriam Altman, Co-founder - Kinvolved

Christina Arnold, Founder and President, Prevent Human Trafficking

Troy Downing, Founder - WebCal

Steve Isaacman, Founder and CEO - Nanometics Labs

Panels, Workshops and Roundtables

Entrepreneurs Panels:

Alt.funding.startup: Startup Accelerators & Competitions

Disrupt: Finding New Opportunities in Existing Markets

Entrepreneurship ≠ Tech: The Many Flavors of Entrepreneurship

From the Lab to the World: Translating Research to Startup

Just Do It: Starting your Startup While Still in School

Stay or Go: Do I Get a Job or Start My Startup?

Founders Workshops:

Commercializing your Research: Melinda Thomas, NYC TechConnect

Fly on the Wall: Patrick Hoogendijk, et. al., New York Angels

Forming your Legal Entity: John Kennedy, Wiggin and Dana

Incentivizing and Compensating your Key Employees: James Hatch,EisnerAmper

Intro to Web Tech for Non-Techies: Amrish Singh, Threadmatcher

Lean Startup Machine 101: Trevor Owens, et. al., Lean Startup Machine

Legal Basics for Financing your Startup: David Sorin, SorinRand

Startup Roundtables:

Being a Non-Technical Founder: Jane Zhu, Sleepbot

Disruptive Startups: David Aronoff, Flybridge Capital

Going Viral: Marketing Strategies: Sinan Aral, SocialAmp

Hardware & Robotics » Crafting Ingenuity: Haytham Elhawary, NY Hardware Meetup

Hiring & Teambuilding » Getting That Right Team: Will Porteous, RRE Ventures

How to Prepare for the Next Big Idea: Nihal Parthasarathi, Coursehorse

How to Protect Your Capital: James Gansman, Sherwood Partners

Innovative Business Models: David Weber, NYC Food Trucks

Leaving the Corporate to Startup World: Jay Bhattacharya, Zipmark

Legal 101 for Startup Founders: David Sorin, SorinRand

Leveraging Your NYU/NYC Connection: Susanne Greenfield, ToVieFor

Managing Your Business » Accounting & Tax 101: Michael Gawley, EisnerAmper

Manufacturing & Importing Businesses: Susie Levitt, CitySlips

Opportunities & Profit in Social Innovation: Lyel Resner, South Bronx Startup Box

Pivoting » When to Pivot, When to Persist: Gregory Schnese, Kikin

Plugging Into NYC Startup Scene: Regina Chien, Silicon Valley Bank

Protecting Your Intellectual Property (IP): Scott Kaufman, Wiggin and Dana

Starting a Life Science Startup: Steve Isaacman, Nanometics Lab

Starting Your Venture While in School: Miriam Altman, Kinvolved

Startups & Entrepreneurs » East Coast vs West Coast: Nikhil Kalghatgi, Softbank Capital

Surviving the NYU Entrepreneurs Challenge: Cynthia Franklin, Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The Good, Bad & Nitty Gritty » Food & Restaurant Business in NYC: Marlo Scott, Sweet Revenge

The Next Step » Validating Your Concept or Idea: Hilary Gosher, Insight Venture Partners

Understanding Venture Capital: Brendan Dickinson, Canaan Partners

Learn More: NYU Entrepreneurs Festival

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