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Python Meetup

3/13/2013 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

The Austin Python Meetup Monthly Meetup

February 13 ยท 7:00 PM

Capital Factory

For our Februrary meetup, we will have two presentations about Natural Language Processing in Python.

Megan Galloway, our first speaker, will give an overview of techniques in NLP and their practical applications. A handful of these include language modeling, machine learning, and information extraction. We will then deep dive into an example project that attempts to extract song topics based on raw user comments scraped from a forum. Megan is working towards a master's degree in Computational Linguistics. Her background is in boring Java software development, which is why she decided to pursue the shiny world of language processing. She currently works at CanWe Studios, building a user profile matching system.

Peter Wang will follow up with a small tutorial to NLTK, a popular Python library for Natural Language, including demonstrating output to GraphViz, d3, and other viz systems. We will have some time for Q&A and open discussion at the end of the meeting, and then move on to local bar for drinks and more banter.

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