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Growth Hackers Conference

5/3/2013 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Growth hacking is disrupting marketing as we know it.

At consumer Internet companies big and small, the drive to find scalable and repeatable ways to gain customers is blurring the lines between marketing, product management, and engineering. We're seeing a new role emerge across Silicon Valley: the "growth hacker" and entire growth teams are combining quantitative direct marketing techniques, data modeling, relentless testing, and the harnessing of distribution existing networks. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Square are just a few companies who've grown to millions of users with this new breed of marketers leading the charge.

Growth Hackers Conference is an event for technology entrepreneurs, marketers, developers, and investors to learn from the best growth hackers in Silicon Valley.

Join co-hosts Erin Turner and Gagan Biyani on Friday, May 3 at Broadway Studios in San Francisco to hear from new & returning speakers with track records of success building businesses using growth hacking techniques.

Light breakfast, lunch, afternoon break and happy hour will be part of the agenda. More details coming soon. Follow our updates on Twitter using #growthconf.

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