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EFPME Business Plan

11/25/2013 6:15 PM - 9:15 PM

Business Plan

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29 € / training module (3:00) - 19 € / training module for job seekers based on a Actiris certificate VDAB or Forem

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Passport to Success

Passport to Success is an initiative of L'Espace Formation PME (SME-EF), the training center of the Middle Classes in Brussels Capital Region. The program offers short courses (3 hours per module) for independent entrepreneurs and project developers.

Favoring a participatory formula, sessions are taught in small groups. Some themes are also followed by practical workshops (optional).

Education: Business Plan

This training will allow new entrepreneurs to understand the creation of a business plan in the chronological order of importance, to assess the feasibility and to determine the breakeven or neutral. The following questions will be addressed:

how to prepare my business plan?

investment, how to finance them?

helps, yes, but where to find them?

to pay at what time?

how to calculate turnover?

my plan, it is the road?

The trainer will review the accounting, economic, financial, social matters, and tax. Each subject is the subject of an analysis of the concepts essential to the business owner or future entrepreneur.

The concepts taught will be illustrated by a concrete example with the creation of a mini-business plan using a software.

In practice:

Each training module is organized in French twice, once on the site in Uccle, another time in the premises at Tour & Taxis. The Dutch are only training data at Tour & Taxis. VET Uccle: Stallestraat 292b - 1180 Brussels main entrance via the website 2 VET Tour & Taxis Avenue du Port 86c - 1000 Brussels Main Building, ground floor premises common Syntra / EFP

This module is given on the following dates:

On 11/25/13 at Uccle 6:15 p.m. to 9:15 p.m.

01.03.14 The T & T from 09h30 to 12h30

Registration is done on the site Success Passport (You will be asked to create an account to register).

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